Poem A Day, Poetry

Day Nineteen, Poem Number Nineteen: “Junior”

To my unborn
and never will be born
I’m not a good man,
I don’t do things right.
This is what keeps me up at night.

Had he been a boy,
here is what I would have said:
Always be responsible and fair.
Never lie, cheat or steal.
Behave in the opposite way that I do.
Love not only yourself but those around you.

Had she been a girl,
I would’ve spoiled her until she was rotten.
Daddy’s little girl surrounded by enough
stuff to keep her happy in her cage
because dating was never going happen.
All boys are dirty, just like your old man.

He would be in little league now
hitting home runs, wowing the crowd.

She would be winning the spelling bee
having no trouble with words like ‘illegitimacy.’

I pray that he doesn’t hold it against me
but that prayer is false
because it was for the best.
No matter how many sad words I write,
I gave him up without a fight

I pray that she won’t hate me
but my empty prayer will be heard by no one
because I don’t believe in God
and He doesn’t believe in me.
So what right do I have to plea?

Poem A Day, Poetry

Day Four, Poem Number Four: “Lucy’s Poem”

She is a blessing in disguise,
a glittering carriage has arrived.
Everything about her birth is foggy,
the facts of her conception dodgy.
You once had painful and throbbing mind cramps,
that turned out to be a tumor tightening its clamps.
But away it fled and you’re so thankful,
for in its place came another handful.
Although she may give you headaches as well
I know you’d take her any day, this angel that fell
out of the heavens, you’re under her spell
even when she’s not speaking and has to yell.
Because the day she came to this earth
was the day of your rebirth.