Poem A Day, Poetry

Day Twenty Six, Poem Number Twenty Six: “Detritus”

She was an amalgam of sanguine ruins.
Her decimated face was a battle worn patchwork
that culminated in a staggering beauty.
Through the thorny thicket of scars,
he was captured by her cobalt blue eyes.
They shone fiercely and completed
an undeniable effect on whomever came in contact with her.

At least it did on him.
She caught him staring,
quickly shielding her face by stepping into a shadow.
His face grew flushed
and the hair on his neck prickled in embarrassment.
He wanted to explain that he wasn’t shocked
by her as much as enthralled.

But, he was afraid
any attempt to do so would end in failure.
He’d been caught gawking
and needn’t make it any worse by bumbling
through some patronizing apology.
There was no second wind and away he slinked
back into his own wreckage, letting the moment fade away.